at home but not home…yet.

transylvania. the only vampire/lycan sim i’ve found that isn’t part of a ridiculous game. i love it. i like to sit on the wall or up in the trees and listen to the music, to watch the vamps and lycans and human friends play and dance and be.

transylvania_onebloodtransylvania1 transylvania_thewall1



Missing Nepal

the yak and yeti shop and little nepal is also a favorite place to visit…yet, it is no more.

the freebies were of the best quality, but the sim itself is the real loss. so many details and things to do for such a small place. belly dancing and tea houses, shrines and and tree climbing, poverty and beauty

annapura’s work can still be found but it is sad to lose such a wonderful place.

sick1, sick2 (s.i.c)

am fascinated by the sick sims. there is not much to do, but much to see. am happy with jPop soundtrack that runs incessantly, with random poseballs (including 5-set of one being kicked and beaten by four — is sick. is also casual in its brutality.)

so many of the structures are open; where people live, where they hang out. much is desolate in its emptiness, in its decay…is a no-fly sim, so falling down holes or off building is (semi) realistically stressful. must actually look to see how to climb or move between buildings if up high. am clever enough to both jump and move forward? if miss that roof edge what below will be trapped by. (is true can teleport from real stuck-in-wall problem, but is still fun to try.)

and for the apocalypse…it is beautiful. from top of Brooklyn Bridge, sunset, sunrise, evens out the bare places, makes the dense buildings seem more gothic than grungy. through steam tunnels and industrial corrosion, smoke and steam obscure the path, cracks and passages open up, inviting and daunting.

city streets with lights and open shops seem frozen — what should be busy and full of people surviving, stopped in an instant, in a blink, the skeleton of a city, stripped of muscle and fat.

am sure there is an rp (or more than one) being played out in the back alleys, perhaps in the wee hours when sleep is mine. other sl-ers are creeping through the streets, calling each other out, ducking and running, attacking each other or saving each other.

that is how it lives in my head when i am not there. that it is silent and empty only when i show up…and when i go, the inhabitants creep out like rats to overrun their utopia again.

familiar places

in world before, fell in love with the quiet dark places. chaos in crystal, magic in melancholy. cyberpunk jewels and gothic jungles.

some places loved before are gone, some cannot be remembered, though may still be hiding in the crevices of the grid. mermaid pools and vampire lairs. even in builds that house clothing and boots and hair and too many people.

am not a social person. don’t dislike people, but speak to them all the days worked; chatter and cheer-up, customer service and canted ear. so, mostly like the quiet places, the dark places, the wondrous places.

salvador dali's la revethen/now, la reve [region] is most favorite. has changed since seen last, not so dark and tumbled — is more light and open spaces. but still magic and mystery, dreaming in a dream. from gypsy wagon to dying faerie, from runes to ruined, sunken garden. climbing and clinging to trees or falling down rabbit hole to burrow of creator.

have no land, so la reve is home. Return to every night after travels, after dancing, after shopping. sit or lay where magic can be seen and say goodnight.

dali’s la reve is to be studied and wondered at, lash xevious’s la reve is to be breathed and felt.

more pictures here:

other regions visited and described later:

for seeing: toxian, sick1, sick2, muse, rivettown

for shopping: port seraphine, etd, muse,